Wednesday, 16 June 2010

well this is a departure..........

Firstly it seems that once my mum has had an ultra sound scan of her heart then they are confident that all will be well once the correct treatment is prescibed........hurray & thank goodness the last week has been hideous but I have had fantastic suppport from friends and family( and I would just like to say right now how much I love my big brother), for which I am very thankful.

Onto happier things, until last night I had not heard of a group called Thirty Seconds to Mars, but I am now going to see them in December 1 2010 with friends at Birmingham NIA.......its Jared Leto's band which I'll admit helps alot! but they are really good in a rock/almost prog rock/americana kind of way. Apparently they are HUGE so this will be my biggest gig in a long long time and its good because you just never know who's out there until someone points you in the right direction.

This is them

Before that though I have two Seth Lakeman gigs in Garforth and Frome with some lovely friends.but , time for a personal rant, how frustrating it is to be a Seth fan when we hear that the album launch date for Hearts and Minds has been put back yet again to 19 July 2010. You do learn to expect this but sometimes record companies really do take the proverbial! It will surely be worth the wait I just hope it doesn't affect sales too much.

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