Monday, 14 June 2010

In which I learn what really matters

Oh dear so much of this was meant to be a happy blog about fun times but unfortunately life seems to have decided to through me a curve ball.
The long and short of it is I spent most of last Friday with my mum in hospital whilst she had various tests to establish why she has fluid on the lungs and why subsequently she feels so ill. Its off to the doctors tonight to find out the results and how we deal with whatever is thrown our way.

What it has done is made me realise how ridiculous it is to get caught up in petty situations that really don't matter, what matters is life and death and in this instance its my Mums life. Its focused my mind and brought me up sharp.

I hope that once we know what the probem is and how it can be treated this may well be a cathartic excercise, writing it all out has helped. Do if you read and understand thank you and if not , well at the moment I don't blame you!!

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