Thursday, 10 June 2010

In which lessons are learnt...........

I have decided to write Wychwood off as a disaster on a personal level, but not in any way as a reflection of the wonderful music and atmosphere that prevailed there. I would love to return next year and hope that a misunderstanding and migraine do not prevent me from enjoying the whole three days.

So, as to lessons learnt; Well I learnt that my tendancy to impulsive behaviour may possibly have spoilt a friendship but I've held my hands up and apologised from the heart and can do no more. All that remains is to see what happens.

I have also learnt that in spite of that, I am lucky to have some fab friends who see beyond this rashness into what I hope is a good heart and for that I thank them. Its taken me a long time to accept that I am a good person and that people like me, so I have learnt to at long last like myself.....result!

So what next?.... well the next jaunt in Folkland will be down to Bristol to meet up with the lovely Jenny & Kath and others for the signing session/album launchette for Seth Lakeman's new album Hearts & Minds and then onto Frome on 14th July to see Seth at The Cheese and Grain. This promises to be a fu time with some fab people and I can't wait.

To those who have been there and not judged thank you so much.

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