Monday, 9 May 2011

oops better late than never....

I guess you could say I've been rather neglectful of late , in fact downright non -existent but in my defence its been a really bad time in my life and without boring you with the details it goes like this, depression....get better......back to work....possible redundancy.... collapse at work....a trip to A&E , Morphine...( waaaay tooo nice!) ......diagnosed with gallstones that requires an operation...more depression. Thats the short version!

However I am now starting to feel human again and music is making its insistent way back into my life it started with the fab Mark Chadwick album, seeing him live with, treat of treats , Dan Donnelly and Sean Lakeman.

There then followed a bizarre happening, after seeing Teddy Thompson support Seth Lakeman a few years ago, I harshly dismissed him as boring and didn't listen to anything else by foolish. One sunny morning driving in my car along came 'Looking for a Girl' on the radio, it was as they say a real OMG moment, readers he is wonderful beg ,still or borrow the new album 'Bella' it as a sublime piece of music, I hooked and the Jazz Cafe in Camden town in August beckons.

I am also thrilled to bits that Sean Lakeman and Kathryn Roberts are now gigging again as Poppy & Lily their gorgeous twins have decided they can!! What great news for the folk world and not only gigs but a new album as well.

So I promise this will be the first of a summer of blogs charting not only my musical highlights but my own personal journey on the road to recovery...they are intrinsically linked. This is now being sent to the lovely people at Wychwood Festival in the hope I can start off with a bang and blog from Wychwood. Here's hoping.

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