Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Post Bank Holiday Blues........?

No!! not for me. I heard last night from the organisers at Wychwood that they have very kindly given me a pass to attend this year and I will aim to do it justice by reporting back on here and via Twitter as events unfold.

I have decided that having looked at the line I am going to have to plan how to divide my time as well as the amazing music line up I think I'll treat myself to one of the varied holistic treatments on offer and let you know how I get on.I've put a link in to these and maybe someone can volunteer me for one!

OK so here is the link, what do you think I should try?


I probably won't have time to write more today, but look forward to any comments or ideas and suggestions of which bands appeal most to people and why. One thing I have decided though is I will attempt to use my rather dodgy photography skills to have a pictorial blog as the weekend unfolds....what fun!

Just had a look at the weather forecast...whoo hoo Its going to be hot and sunny could this get any better


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  1. Healing Gardens - make sure you bring a plant for kids;) See you there;)