Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Back and on it!

Pleased to report my operation is over and is a success, I'm a bit battered and black & blue but feeling better every day and its only 3 days to Wychwood!. I am really looking forward to meeting my fellow bloggers on Friday and with the weather set fair and good music everywhere I turn how can it fail to be anything but amazing!

I am going to be looking at the running order today and going to plan out my time properly. It will be impossible to see absolutely everything I  want to but if I can convey the essence of Wychwood through pictures, sound & words it will be a job well done.

I am going to venture into Cheltenham today, I have to go on the bus....can't drive until Friday :(( so it should be a measure of how I'm doing, well that and how much money I can spend on festival essentials!!.

Oooh before I must , simply must listen to the best album release of the month You & I by The Pierces, two sisters from Alabama chanelling Southern Gothic vibes with sweet harmonies and a Fleetwood Mac feel, it is a true summer feel good record, but listen to the lyrics......always slightly sinister, fab fab stuff.

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