Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wychwood Summary

I had intended to do this earlier but procrastination is a curse! |So better late than never here is the rest of my Wychwood experience.

On Saturday the day dawned bright and clear and despite one small downpour of 30 minutes or so it stayed dry. I caught the incredibly talented The Epstein on the Main Stage and was totally blown away by them. They started their set in the middle of the downpour and there was little more than a handful of hardy souls watching. Luckily the sun soon broke through and their majestic and cinematic guitar magic brought the audience flocking. I was as they say, hooked from the first hello and cannot wait to see them again...a big career beckons for these unassuming guys from Oxford.

I then decided to take myself off took advantage of some brilliant bargains in the Rise merchandise tent and also got The Epstein to sign my copy of their latest single.

Across from the main stage I found myself in the Festival Fishy tent observing the latest beauty craze, people dangling their feet in a tank full of tiny relatives of the pirahna who love nothing more than to nibble away at the hard skin on your feet. The very charming gentleman from Glasgow whose business it is, told me this phenomenon started in Turkey with two brothers who suffered from a painful skin condition found that bathing in a small local river really helped their skin heal. They initially put this down to minerals in the water but it was in fact the teeny tiny fishes and the rest is history......well that what he told me anyway! I declined on this occasion despite the offer of a freebie, I just couldn't bring myself!

So I spent a delightful hour with the charming , witty and supremely talented Eliza Carthy basking in the warm sun , soaking up the tunes with the appreciative audience made me think, this is what Wychwood is all about, happy smiling people, sun and music in a beautiful

The act I caught was The Wurzels doing .....well.....doing what they do best, making people smile...Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby.....oh ahhrrr!!

Wychwood is so much more than the music, ok the music is key and the BBC Intro Stage saw a whole host of talent this year, The Suit Corps, The Voodoo Kings , Urusen, Tallulah Fix, The Black Hats to name a few. It's about people of all ages from 2 to 80+ having fun , in a relaxed atmosphere with brilliant food and activities at an incredibly well run  family festival. I can't wait for next years.

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