Thursday, 27 May 2010

Its a new day , its a new dawn........

For me and I'm feeling good! , which I am, very. When I started this I wasn't sure which direction it would take but I had so many positive responses to yesterdays post I am feeling pretty inspired so thank you.

It seems that music really does have the power to change and influence peoples lives, me I could not imagine life without it I am so looking forward to Wychwood to meet up with good friends and I have a mission, which is to see and experience as many people whose music I have either never heard or seen live before and to collect as many music inspired stories as I can.

Top of my list is Rook and the Ravens and The Outcast Band closely followed by Dreadzone and Ade Edmonson and The Bad Shepherds and the amazing Levellers. I wonder if I'll be disapppointed by The Happy Mondays and Shaun Ryder, shining lights of a past indie scene.....who knows can't wait to find out though!

Obviously my highlight is going to be The Seth Lakeman Band and its always a pleasure to catch up with them and they are so utterley brilliant live but I would also urge anyone who hasn't seen Six Day Riot to give them a go, they supported Seth on his Autumn/Winter tour and although not a band I'd sit & listen too they are a fabulous live act

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