Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Its a bit cheeky!

Ok so here's the deal, this is something I have been meaning to do for a long long time but I eventually got kicked into gear because thanks to the organisers of Wychwood Festival 2010 who are offering a bloggers pass to the festival to cover events there, so here it is my brand new blog!

The idea I have is to write about my how discovering folk music changed everything, writing this down seems pretty weird but its true.

Until three years ago my idea of folk music was the stereotypical finger in the ear, sad blokes in hand knitted jumpers one, my only forays were my Aunt (a folk singer) sitting me down when I was very young and playing Bert Jansch to didn't work. In between a serious goth phase I forayed briefly into Simon & Garfunkel Territory and swiftly left.

So what changed, I discovered Seth Lakeman and realised that folk can be exciting, challenging, innovative and downright sexy! Over the last three years I have been to more gigs than I can remember, crossed continents, made amazin new friends and had more fun than a person has a right to.

So if its ok I'd like to share some of that now, hopefully starting with the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham, absolutely no pressure on the organisers then!


  1. Our folk roots are very similar, the discovery of Seth has led to discovering many more superb acts and a love of live music.

    I will be following your blog with interest, hopefully you will be able to discover many new acts that you will share.

    Good luck with the blog.

  2. I first saw Seth on t.v about a yr ago perfoming Kitty Jay and was completely blown away, we went to see him live for the first time last November and I have been completely hooked ever since.

    This blog will be a great way for me to learn about other acts that I may be interested in.

    good luck with the blog.

  3. The My Music documentary on Seth on Ch5 opened up a new world for me and my family. I'd never even given folk a thought before watching it, so I understand what you're saying Maymay.

    I look forward to further "Adventures"!


  4. I love hearing the stories behind people's musical conversions and I love how one moment can change your musical course & challenge the stereotypes you'd previously held onto. Thankyou maymay.

  5. I first saw Seth on local tv being interviewed in his brother's kitchen where he had made his first recordings. He was just a short (no pun intended!)feature, but I was hooked. I've since seen him play live many times and I agree totally with your comments Maymay, about how my perception of 'folk music' has been changed by watching this 5 minute clip and hearing him play. Enjoy your blogging!

  6. Seth literally changed my life and unbeknownst to him, aided hugely in my recovery from a massively debilitating bout of depression. I first heard The White Hare on the radio in 2007, and was hooked. My first live 'Sethsperience' was Guilfest 2008, 6 days after PMH had been released and the day Seth found out they'd entered the charts at no 6, he was soooooo excited!! Maymay, you know the difference Seth has made to my life, enjoy your blogging! Anyone want to check mine out -! Ta! xxx

  7. only 11 more days till Wychwood.

  8. It was Idlewild that got me into folk at the start, back in 2003 (long story). It was folk music and the people I met through it that gave me the courage to get through university despite various personal struggles I won't go into.
    Great idea for a blog.

  9. One of my earliest memories at infant school is country dancing, i loved the music so it's always been there for me. I discovered Seth when Kitty Jay came out & continued to be into a veriety of music but mainly folk. It was when i had to have chemotherapy that i started listening to more folk. Music is a wonderful thing, the stories & songs on my ipod got me through treatment....Seth's Hurlers has a totally diffecnt meaning for me. He has been a huge influence I embraced my love of folk music & started playing violin again. Attending festivals joining sessions is such good fun. It's great to have stories & tunes handed down through generations, some songs have so many different versions all equally poetic & haunting while others just make me want to dance. Three cheers for your Adventures in Folkland & Other Stories Jan XXX

  10. I am so amazed at how these stories have come about. I think maybe my blog has developed its own theme. Its certainly given me loads of ideas for Wychwood...oops did I drop another hint, sorry but whatver happens Its a theme I can pursue. thanks guys xx